“My Body is Special” by Sally Berenzweig & Cherie Benjoseph
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“My Body is Special” by Sally Berenzweig & Cherie Benjoseph

Having certain conversations with your kids can be difficult, especially when it comes to talking to them about their personal safety and their bodies. But, Sally and Cherie have written this informative book that makes it easier to engage in this necessary convo with your kids.

"My Body is Special and Belongs to Me" offers simple and effective tools and tips for parents on how to teach their kids about certain safety issues.

I love that the book is kid-friendly: it comes with colorful illustrations and activities to reinforce the lessons to your kids.

This book is a great starting point and shows just how important it is to have the personal safety talk with your children.

You can purchase "My Body is Special" at www. kidsafefoundation.org.

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