Baby Gourmet
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Baby Gourmet

When you are a new mom on-the-go, you love anything that makes your schedule just a little bit easier.

Baby Gourmet does just that by giving parents a stress-free option for mealtimes. This delicious baby food is organic, providing the healthful benefits of homemade cooking.

Offering delicious flavors like Baby’s Sweet Potato Pie and Old Fashioned Apple Crisp, these yummy baby food flavors are a delicious option for parents wanting to feed their babies organic and delicious treats without taking the time to make them at home.

Baby Gourmet is also perfect for that on-the-go schedule. The slim pouch slips neatly in your bag and lets you squeeze food right onto a spoon. When little ones aren’t quite so little anymore, they love feeding themselves straight from the package.

Perfect for the fall season with flavors like Harvest Pear, Pumpkin and Banana!

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