Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer
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Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer

Moms on-the-go can use all the help they can get!

Kiinde’s Kozii Breastmilk & Bottle Warmer can help save a few of those precious minutes during your jam-packed day. As fast as steam and easy as the microwave, the Kozii warmer uses warm flowing water to heat up your little one’s meal.

The Kozii was designed to follow CDC and USDA guidelines for warming breastmilk, ensuring your little one’s safety. Kozii’s low temperature, nutrient-safe water makes it safe to warm up any bottle or bag.

Its unique design features patent-pending technology that eliminates the risk of hot spots, nutrient damage, and dangerous chemicals that can be released from plastic bottles at high temperatures.

Safe and easy. Love.

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