Haircolor Miracles!
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Haircolor Miracles!

If you think haircolor is just about creating a new look or covering gray, think again. In the hands of a pro, haircolor can work wonders, from making fine, thin hair look thicker, to slimming a full face, to perking up a pale complexion. Check out what it can do for you:

Pump Up the Volume

If your hair tends to fall flat, stop slathering on volumizers and visit a salon for some highlights or lowlights instead. Strategically placed streaks around the crown of your head will add dimension and make locks appear fuller. Even a simple single process color can add body, since the color coats hair, making it look and feel thicker (in fact, permanent color can make hair as much as one-third thicker). Highlights can also be a life-saver for women with thinning hair, since they draw the eye away from problem spots, while the lighter hair helps camouflage the scalp.

Slim Down

Like that go-to black dress, haircolor can also help you look like you’ve shed a few pounds. Start by joining the dark side, since experts agree that brunette and black hair colors are the most forgiving. Then talk to your colorist about adding some highlights around your face to create contrast and shading — an instantly slimming effect. Highlights also form vertical lines around the face, which elongate your look and make you appear thinner.

Turn Back Time

Obviously covering gray is the biggest anti-aging benefit to coloring your hair, but sporting just the right shade can shave off a few birthdays as well. Remember however, that nothing ages you faster than flat, dimension-less color, so definitely enlist a pro to help you.
For starters it’s important not to go too dark (listen up, brunettes). As we age, we lose pigment in our skin and strong colors like deep brown, fiery red and black, begin to wash out the complexion and make little flaws, like crow’s feet, more obvious. So stick with a light brown or auburn base, then use high and low lights to cast a warm, flattering glow across your face. Highlights can also help conceal gray roots as they grow in. If you’re a natural blonde, adding warm honey tones to your color will create a similar, wrinkle-hiding, rosy glow. Just avoid platinum blondes (even if you were one as a child) which are way too harsh now.
And don’t forget your eyebrows. If they’re dark, go a shade or two lighter to soften your look and if they’re gray, coloring them will instantly brighten your face.

Send Pale Skin Packing!

The same way highlights bring a soft glow to mature faces, they can also make you seem more naturally sun-kissed (especially in the summer). Highlights, or lowlights if you’re very blonde, make you look tanner and warm your complexion instantly, so they’re a great choice for women with very fair skin (instead of dusting on more bronzer).

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