Baby Stimulation Games
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Baby Stimulation Games

Games and activities that encourage infants to use several senses at once can develop fundamental listening, communication, social and creative skills. Infant stimulation activities such as playing music, introducing new colors and shapes and playing with toys that make different sounds and noises can pique an infant’s interest and encourage him to interact with his environment. Stimulating games encourage healthy learning and development. Here are some activities and games that introduce learning and education in the early stages of life.

Baby Massage

Babies are incredibly sensitive to touch, and a massage will help them become relaxed and comfortable in their environment. Infant massage also can improve body awareness and bond them with the parent or caregiver giving the massage. Over time, this activity may improve social interaction and help babies develop basic communication skills.

Playing with Puppets

Introducing colorful sock puppets and other toys that “talk” can develop an infant’s focus and tracking skills and may also distract him from crying or fussy periods. Puppets can improve social interactions and encourage babies to practice different facial expressions. Adding music or funny voices and sounds to the activity develops an infant’s listening skills.

Reading at Bath Time

Playing with bath books and colorful, waterproof toys while bathing can develop a baby’s body awareness and improve his listening and language skills. Bath time can be a fun and stimulating activity, but it also relaxes the baby for a good night’s rest. Introducing different toys to the tub and encouraging your baby to interact with you in various activities also improves communication and social skills.

Color and Light Activities

A nightlight that emits colorful images onto the wall and plays soothing music encourages the baby to become comfortable with different sights and sounds in his environment, and may also increase his natural curiosity. Nightlights that play scenes from a storybook or that feature animated characters with whom the baby is familiar can stimulate memory and learning.

Playing With Colorful Blocks

Soft blocks and other toys in different colors and patterns can improve visual skills and encourage the infant to interact with new and interesting objects. Blocks can be stacked on top of each other as a building activity, which can help baby understand space and structure, or the blocks may be held and passed around to encourage social interaction. As the infant develops motor skills, she may be able to match same-color blocks and build her own miniature walls and structures.

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