Tie Not Water Balloon Filler
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Tie Not Water Balloon Filler

Do your little ones love playing with water balloons? Mine do! But we all know how messy water balloons can be.

The Tie Not Water Balloon Filler prevents the mess that usually comes with filling up our favorite balloons. No more wet counters and floors!

Each water balloon kit comes with a Tie Not Filler and a Tie Not Tool. The filler fills up water balloons directly from a water nozzle. Simply push the piston on the top of the filler to fill each balloon.

With the Tie Not Tool, little ones no longer have to struggle to tie each balloon. In only three moves, the Tie Not tool ties the balloon so your little ones are ready to go in just seconds!

The kit also comes with 100 water balloons – perfect for a fun day in the sun. Love.

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