Atlantic Video Game Rack
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Atlantic Video Game Rack

Does your little one love to play video games? With two boys in the house, I certainly know what it is like to come home to a floor covered in video game controllers, discs and cases.

The Atlantic Wall-Mounted Video Game Rack is the perfect solution to keeping the video game corner of your home neat and tidy!

With a place to hold all gaming accessories, this game rack comes fully assembled and includes everything you need to mount the rack on any wall in your home.

Made from study steel rods, the Atlantic Game Rack can hold up to ten dvd (Wii) or blu-ray (PSP) games, two standard game controllers, two drumsticks, four Wii Nunchuks, two Wii remote controllers, your TV remote control and additional gaming accessories, including your gaming headset, which has its own hook on the bottom of the rack.

With a one year warranty, this super convenient game rack seems too good to be true. Love!

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