Sort It Out! Wall Caddy
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Sort It Out! Wall Caddy

With school starting back up again, it is now more important than ever to stay organized!

The Sort It Out! Wall Caddy by Three By Three Seattle is the perfect tool to keep your family’s schedule neat and tidy.

This super sleek wall-mounted calendar features a nifty dry-erase surface where you can jot down the week’s events, appointments and tasks.

Along with the weekly planner, the wall caddy also features 3 rear compartments for files, magazines, mail, glasses, phones, and pens.

With three hooks built for keys, coats or bags, the Sort It Out! Caddy has everything you need right when you walk through the door.

Available in real bamboo or magnetic stainless, each wall caddy comes with two strong magnets, a dry-erase pen and mounting hardware. Love!

The Sort It Out! Wall Caddy is available online for $40.00

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