Working at Home: Tough Stuff
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Working at Home: Tough Stuff

I’ve been at this mothering thing for over 8 years. Closer to 9 in actual fact. And I’m only just now getting the hang of it I think.

I’ve proudly joined the ranks of WAHM (Work At Home Mothers) and it’s given me a whole different perspective on it. 

Rather than rushing out the door and handing over responsibility for my children to my husband, childcare or a part time nanny I’ve now had to roll my sleeves up and do it.

It’s me who needs to have a handle on school lunches, after school fruit platters or edible dinner time menus. My kids now prefer my home made biscuits rather than the shop bought ones.

I’ve breathed deeply, and come to a peaceful place about being a parent who works from home and manages to engage my brain and love my children at the same time.

Now not everyone chooses to work in this way, or can work from home. But for me it’s given me the joy of finally, really being engaged in the day to day stuff. Being able to go for afternoon tea at a friends house after school with my kids or chatting to other mums at the school gate.

For the past 9 years I’ve done the heavy-duty juggling act that we all do. Doing a hectic professional job and then trying to keep the edges from not fraying at home. They always did.

They’ll still fray. But maybe not so much. At least I’ll perfect my biscuits baking skills.

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