How to Look Hot and Sexy at Christmas
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How to Look Hot and Sexy at Christmas

Whether you are attending the office Christmas party, searching for a tree, shopping for presents or enjoying a glass of egg nog, you want to look gorgeous. Here are step by step directions on how to look hot and sexy at Christmas.

Your Skin Need To Shine

Make your skin glow. Exfoliate so your skin is soft and beautiful (see resources for how to’s) Use lots of moisturizer to ward off dry, wintery skin. Beautiful skinwill help you look hot and sexy at Christmas.

Choose Your Food Wisely

Make wise eating choices to stay slim and feel good. To much food and to many carbs can make you feel blah. At hoilday parties snack on the healthy choices and limit alcohol.

Make Up and Colors

Keep makeup simple and chic during the daytime but at night add glitz to the eyes with shimmer shadows. Add a touch of shimmer bronzer to the face. Paint your nails red and wear cherry red lipstick.

What To Wear?

Dress appropriately for the occasion you are attending and add holiday touches to help you look hot and sexy at Christmas functions and activities. For special evenings a red hot dress is always right.

Work Your Clothes

To look hot and sexy Christmas shopping, tree hunting etc. wear form fitting jeans, a turtle neck and cute coat. Add a santa hat if you desire

Make It Hot

Have a sweet attitude. Looking hot and sexy at Christmas will help you enjoy the holidays even more.

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