Tips to Liven Up Tired Eyes
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Tips to Liven Up Tired Eyes

Simple is sexy when it comes to makeup, even when you’re trying to camouflage tired-looking eyes. Avoid heavy eye makeup applications when you need to lift your eyes. The last thing tired eyes need is something to weigh them down. Here are some tips to liven up those tired eyes.

(1) Brighten Eyes with White Shadow

A small amount of pearl shadow or white eyeliner can brighten up your eyes.

• Dab the pearly white liner or shadow right in the corner of your eye by your tear duct.
• Add a touch just under your brow bone to perk up and make your eyes seem more open.
• Be sure to blend carefully.

(2) Cover Dark Circles

Dark circles are the most obvious sign of tired eyes.

• Use a concealer that has yellow or peach tones to it.
• Choose concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation.
• Some cosmetic companies produce concealer specifically for the eye area.
• If your skin is on the dry side or more mature – try a concealer that contains a moisturizing ingredient.
• Put a tiny amount on your finger or a concealer brush and dab it onto the circles under your eyes. Press it gently into skin, don’t rub.
• Set with loose powder.
• Avoid blue-toned eye shadow and liner it can make your dark circles look worse.
• Keep away from shadows that contain blue hues like periwinkle, lavender, purple, navy or plum. Blue-toned eye shadow can emphasize the circles, make them look darker or even cause raccoon eyes.

(3) Cheer Up Your Eyes

To make your eyes look happy and well rested;

• Place a cheery color of eye shadow on your lid.
• Spring-like pastels, like sunny yellows, and grassy greens will brighten up.
• Keep liner and shadows from extending too far out from the corner of your eye and dropping.
• Application should be an upward motion, think of a check mark (outer corner towards brow).
• Placement here is crucial to create a lifting-effect for those sleepy eyes.


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