The Perfect Healthy Food for Your Kids!
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The Perfect Healthy Food for Your Kids!

Think you can’t feed your baby pancakes? You can!

The Healthy Additions

If you always thought pancakes were not the best choice of food for your babies and toddlers, think again. There are ways to make them an actual healthier option — plus, your kids will be happy too. Here’s the breakdown: The milk provides protein, carbohydrate, and fat, the eggs are full of high quality protein, vitamins, and fat – all of which kids and babies need during stages of rapid growth and development.


Pancakes were the first real food I made for my daughter. Up until this point, I stuck to cereals mixed with pureed fruit like bananas. You can simply use milk, eggs and flour to make your pancakes, or you can substitute baby cereal (see recipe below) or healthier options like whole wheat flour instead of regular flour, or barley flour.

My Tricks

I made several silver dollar pancakes, put a few in the fridge, and then stacked the rest (with parchment paper between each pancake) in Tupperware and froze them. Now I can pull out a pancake and heat it in the microwave whenever I need one. Right now because my daughter is little, I cut the pancake into little square pieces.

Other Options

Once she’s better at eating bigger pieces, and taking bites, I will cut the pancake into strips and then offer her a fruit sauce (homemade, of course) for dipping. I also have dreams of making banana pancakes (we’re still working on our first batch of plain in the freezer) and, for a special treat, chocolate chip pancakes. For right now, both my daughter and I are happy with our plain pancake cubes.


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