Sugar Mommas’ Creepy Crawly Arachnids
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Sugar Mommas’ Creepy Crawly Arachnids

Sugar Mommas’ Creepy Crawly Arachnids are the perfect Halloween Treat!

You will need:

Graham Crackers *
White frosting *
Marshmallows, large *
Pipe cleaners (black, green, orange, purple) *
Chocolate sprinkles *
Black sprinkles or sanding sugar *
Small jelly beans or fruit flavored Lemon Heads *

Directions: Step 1

Cut a graham cracker into 1” by 1” square. This will be your base. With a knife, put a dab of white frosting in the center of the graham cracker to act like glue. Put one large marshmallow on top of the graham cracker.

Step 2

Cut pipe cleaners so that they are 3 ½ inches in length. You should have 8 pipe cleaner pieces per spider. Gently hold the marshmallow with one hand. With the other hand, start on one side of the marshmallow and gently push the pipe cleaner into the marshmallow on a diagonal going in from the top until it hits the graham cracker. Then pinch the pip cleaner with one hand, and bend with the other until the exposed end touches your work surface (i.e., creating little “legs”). If you want to get fancy, take your index finger, and crimp/bend the pipe cleaner where it touches the work surface so a little foot emerges. Do this 7 more times so there are 4 legs on each side of the spider. We wouldn’t want Mr. Arachnid to be anatomically incorrect!

Step 3

Once the legs are done, take your knife and spread a line of white frosting right down the center of the marshmallow on the spider’s “back.” Sprinkle the black sprinkles or sanding sugar over the frosting. For extra effect, then sprinkle the chocolate sprinkles over the black sugar to make the spider look extra hairy.

Step 4

Finally, with the knife, make two small dabs of frosting on the face or front of the marshmallow and gently press two small jelly beans or lemon heads into the frosting to make eyes. Set the spider aside to “dry” for 20 minutes.

Sugar Mommas’ Note

We like to test out our recipes on the carpool kids. We had children around the kitchen table, ages 6-12. They were all giddy about making spiders. The younger kids needed help with the pipe cleaners. For the older kids, it was…hands off! You may want to make two at a time; one to eat immediately, one to play with. The older kids had spiders flying around the kitchen.


The Sugar Mommas

After graduating law school together, Kimberly and Jenna went off to practice law…for a while. Then Kimberly became a fudge queen while Jenna became a rock star. After having two delicious sons, in 2005 Kimberly “Momma” Reiner started a cottage industry – Momma Reiner’s Fudge – which was recently featured as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Also, Kimberly has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, making her fudge right alongside Martha. Jenna has been the lead singer of all female rock group Vixen since 2001. Recently, Jenna became a mom with the birth of her scrumptious son. After many years, Jenna and Kimberly hooked up over a love of sugar and became the Sugar Mommas: life’s too short to not be sweet!.The Sugar Mommas website is

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