Amazing Baby Rooms
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Amazing Baby Rooms

Design and decorate an amazing room for your baby. She will likely spend quite a bit of time in her room as she grows, including sleeping and playtime. The room should look and feel amazing, while providing a safe haven for her. Her room should include colors or a theme you enjoy and one that she can grow into.


Your baby will feel the same way about the nursery as you do. If you feel like it’s amazing, so will he. That’s because he’ll feed off your emotions in the beginning. Create a room that holds significance to you. For example, use the colors and style of an heirloom baby blanket to decorate the nursery if you want to highlight the blanket. You can use the blanket in the crib, drape it across the rocking chair or hang it on a wall.


Determine the baby room’s function, besides her sleeping room. Her room will likely also serve as her play room and may serve as a guestroom as well. Set up the room to highlight your favorite part and make it easy to maneuver within the room. For example, create a play area in the far corner so the toys and mess are out of the way.


Even an amazing-looking room won’t feel amazing if it’s a chaotic mess and you can’t find anything in it. Implement storage pieces, such as shelving, baskets or bins throughout the room so you and your baby always have what you need in that part of the room. If your baby’s room is small, create extra space by utilizing any corners or out-of-the-way places for storage, such as under the crib, on hanging wall shelves or above the closet. Use closet organizers to maximize the space in there, especially while his clothes are tiny and don’t take up the full space.


Design the room so she can grow into it. A simple theme, such as the alphabet, nature or geometric shapes will likely still be okay when she’s a toddler. For less fuss, use a simple color scheme that works with many themes so you can update the room by changing a few accessories. Modular furniture, such as a crib that changes into a toddler bed, can save you money and time when she outgrows the baby stuff, as well.


Personalize the space with handmade items, such as painted wooden blocks that spell out the baby’s name or a hand-painted piece of artwork. Anything you make for your baby’s room will be special because it comes from your heart. Handmade items typically cost less if you are competent in that area. For example, if you sew well, purchasing fabric to make your own crib set and curtains is usually less expensive than purchasing a set. Consider the theme and color scheme carefully, especially if you are unsure of your baby’s sex or plan to use the nursery for any future children you may have. An overly trendy room may not look as amazing in a year or two.

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