4 mins read

10 Steps Toward Becoming An Organic Mom

There are lots of ways to be an organic mom and it can mean a lot of different things. I want to offer you 10 easy steps you can take to kick-start your journey: Look into subscribing to your local CSA share. You will eat local, organic food and have lots of opportunities to teach your kids about eating with the seasons and how vegetables and fruits grow. Invest in a juicer and juice any …

6 mins read

Healthy Raw Food Snack Ideas

Our seven-year old daughter enjoys eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. What’s so strange about that? Absolutely nothing! Except thats all shes eaten since she was weaned off of breast milk. Perhaps the strange part, if there really is one, is that not only does eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds seem perfectly normal to our daughter, but also that we had to go to great lengths to explain why some people choose to eat other fare.