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Happy Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rabbit

Gung Hay Fat Choy! That’s “Happy New Year” in Chinese. People all over the world are celebrating the Chinese New Year today with parades, festivals and food galore! The Year of the Rabbit, a 1-in-12 year occurence, is associated with tranquility, affection, and family ties. People born under this sign – Frank Sinatra, Johnny Depp and Albert Einstein for instance – are said to be gentle, articulate, talented, wise, reserved, successful in business and strong-willed.

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Are Chinese Mothers Really Superior?

“A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids. They wonder what these parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies,” writes Amy Chua in her provocative new book ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’. “Well I can tell them because I’ve done it.” And, with that statement, Chua sparked a rather heated debate about whose parenting style is best – Eastern or Western mothers?

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Chinese Methods for Birth Control

As of July 2010, China’s population grew to an estimated 1.33 billion, making it the most populated country in the world. China’s ever-growing population prompted its government to implement the controversial “one-child” policy in 1979, which imposes a heavy fine to couples if they have a supernumerary child without a permit. Those who follow the law receive rewards and benefits. With no policy overturn in sight, as of 2010, Chinese couples continue to take birth control methods available to them.

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Chinese Healing Herbs for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women, according to BreastCancer.com. Some women who are diagnosed with breast cancer opt to use holistic, traditional Chinese medicine to complement conventional medical treatment. Increased acceptance of alternative medicine—both within and outside of the medical community—means cancer patients have an easier time accessing Chinese herbs and informing themselves about them.