2 mins read

5 Tips to Find Serenity In Your Busy Life

1. “I AM” Breathing Exercise. You can do this any time, any place (even when you are stuck in traffic). It’s a simple breathing exercise: every time you inhale, mentally say the word “I”; and every time you exhale, mentally say the word “AM.” Pay attention to how the breath flows in and out of your body, and visualize the breath spreading from your lungs through your chest, down your arms and legs.

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Wellbeing in the Dawn of Social Media

A few days ago, while flying back to LA from New Delhi, I sat in the airport lounge at the Dubai airport. On the television in front of us, footage of protesters being shoved by authorities in Libya played. Just eight days before, while flying from LA to Delhi, the same television showed celebration in Tahrir Square as it was announced that Mubarak had stepped down as Prime Minister.