5 mins read

Taking a Family Approach to Health and Weight Loss

As a Mom if you put an emphasis on health it will motivate your children to eat better and be more active. Your involvement is crucial, and even better, get the entire family on board, engaged and focused on health. It changes the focus from losing weight to choosing the right foods and being active…

4 mins read

A New Way to Discipline Your Kids: The Baseball Approach

At the end of the day, some moms count up all the times theyve had to nag or remind or discipline their children. Dont hit your brother. Stop picking your nose. Stop talking back. Dont fart at the table. Wash your hands. Pull your pants up. Dont disobey. Listen the first time. Say hi to the lady and look her in the face. Dont use the toilet lid as your own basketball hoop backboard. Dont, dont, dont, stop, stop, stop.

8 mins read

GoldieBlox: A New Approach To Engineering For Girls

A friend of mine emailed me a video about a female engineer, Debbie Sterling, who was raising money for her new company. Frustrated that the engineering industry was so male-dominated, she created a construction toy for little girls with the purpose of exposing them to the world of engineering.