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from blackjack to budding entrepreneur

The last ten years have been an amazing ride while staying home with my 2 boys, 3 dogs and 1 husband. Holding a Master of Social Work definitely eased the pain and aided the situation often. As my oldest son approaches double digits, small little thoughts startto sneak into my head.What will I do when the boys have their own teenage lives? Will I have any other accomplishments? Did I really want to go back to social work or am I more creative? I have this teeny, tiny creative idea, but not really sure how to execute. And, then something happened in Vegas.

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Gaming 101 for “Me Time”

The following post is sponsored by DoubleDown Casino. Somehow, online social gaming ends up being an integral part of my day.  I have a handful of kids and with all of the waiting around I do at sports events and appointments, I often grab my iPhone and poke around social gaming apps and websites. At night…

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“Mom, I Can’t Wear THAT!!!”

My daughter had her first boy-girl party last weekend. Now, my first boy-girl party took place when I was her age, too, but the one I went to was held in the basement of a very cool sixth-grade boy, and it involved playing Spin the Bottle, Seven Minutes in Heaven and a couple of wine coolers while his mom was, I dont know, out somewhere, I guess.&nb

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30th Birthday Party Ideas

Once people hit their 30s, they usually give up the hard partying ways of their 20s and settle into a responsible adult life. Even though they may have left the wild days of their college and early adulthood years behind them, it does not mean that they want to skip celebrating their birthday in style. Birthday parties for a 30-something should be fun but not out of control.

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Birthday Games for Tweens

Planning activities for a tween’s birthday party should include putting a new twist on traditional children’s games and introducing more mature games for the tweens to feel slightly more grown-up. Have a variety of games planned in case any of them fail to entertain your child’s guests. If one game fails, you can quickly move on to the next.