7 mins read

Autism Evaluations: Part 1

This topic is near and dear to my heart. I have much to say which will take place in two blogs. Ill begin with a rant: Do not let a regional center (if you live in the state of California) turn you away if you have a concern about your child and autism. Do not let them screen your child over the phone! And, do not let your pediatrician blow off your concerns.

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5 Small Ways to Cut Back on Clutter

Being an organized mom is somewhat like being an artist. You just need some good supplies, tools and a little good advice. Everyone knows that there is an artist within all of us. It just needs to be drawn out and given a chance to perform. I would challenge each mom to give it a positive try. Here are some tools and advice I would give to the mom who wants to be organized: Practice Smart Scheduling