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Chemicals in Green Cleaning Products

You are probably aware that many chemicals in cleaning products can be dangerous for the environment, and this has caused you to make the switch to “green” cleaning products. These products are safer for the environment, but they do still contain chemicals than can cause harm if you use them incorrectly. Consider all the facts when choosing the best cleaning products for your family.

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List of Dangerous Chemicals in Skin Care Products

Cosmetic skin care products are skin moisturizers, lipsticks, perfumes, fingernail polishes, makeup, shampoo, hair colors, deodorants and toothpastes, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Laws are different for these products than they are for drugs, for example. The Food and Drug Administration states, on its website, that it does not have a premarket approval system for cosmetic products or ingredients. The FDA must recognize drugs as safe and effective before allowing them to go on the market. This is not the case for cosmetics, with the exception of color additives. Consumers should be aware of some of the dangerous chemicals in skin care products.

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Roasted Beet Salad Recipe

Welcome! It is a lot of fun to share a few health benefits of the featured foods in the recipes. Psychologically, it makes you feel good about what you are eating, at least it does me anyway and the jury is still out on how weird I am 😉 Please bear with me while I tease you with some nutritional mumbo jumbo.

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How to Fade Hair Color Quickly

Hair dye has revolutionized personal style for women around the globe. Blondes can transform into ravishing redheads, and brunettes can become platinum with just a little time and effort. Occasionally, dye is stronger than what might have been desired, making the need to quickly fade the color extremely important. Fading hair color is not a difficult process, although it can be time consuming to complete properly.