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Different Kinds of Textures for Children

For better or for worse, kids love to touch everything. You can take advantage of this natural curiosity and teach your child about all of the wonderful textures that surround us. Experimenting with texture through thoughtful play provides a solid educational foundation in many areas. It teaches children about science and exploration, how to analyze…

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The Types of Fever in Children

Fevers in children can be frightening for their parents. In fact, the leading cause of emergency room visits for children is a fever, according to eMedicinehealth. In most cases, fevers caused by a minor infection, but some types of fevers in children are more serious and can be a cause for concern.

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Fever & Rash Symptoms in Children

As a parent, you probably know when your child feels well and when he isn’t feeling his best. Depending on the age of your child, he may not be able to tell you what is wrong or describe how he feels. Trying to determine the cause of his discomfort can be like sifting through a haystack in search of a needle. Certain symptoms, such as rashes and fevers, can provide useful clues and help you know when to contact your pediatrician.

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Teach Your Autistic Children Well

Buckle up, a rant is coming. Are we responsible for teaching basic manners to our kids? YES! Heres the deal, even though your child has autism, you shouldnt necessarily get a free pass when it comes to basic parenting. Just because your child has autism, does that mean you dont have to teach your child how to be polite? Here are some examples I have recently observed: 1. A mom comes into …