7 mins read

How To Network at Conferences

I don’t really enjoy attending large industry conferences when I don’t know anyone. Is it just me, or does the idea of trying to meet new people at a crowded, loud trade event make you want to run for the hills? Small talk doesn’t come easy for most people and talking about the weather only…

3 mins read

Suggestions for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Even before your child was born, you vowed to make education a priority. Now that your child is in school, parent-teacher conferences are a critical ingredient in making her educational experience the best it can be. Careful preparation before the conference will get you ready to ask all the questions you have and to follow up with the necessary actions.

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Tips for Effective Teacher-Parent Conferences

Teacher-parent conferences need not cause sleepless nights or reduce you to tears. Keep in mind that the point of teacher conferences is to open the doors of communication and to keep you abreast of your child’s academic progress and conduct in the classroom. Whether the meeting is a report card conference or a simple follow-up discussion, take advantage of having all the teacher’s attention by coming with a brief list of questions or points to highlight.