9 mins read

Four Money Traps Every Mom Should Know

The last thing I expected as I headed up the freeway from San Diego to Los Angeles was a money trap. Traffic? Yes. Frustration and delays? Naturally. But a money trap? Never. Halfway there I had a choice: jump on a wide-open toll road or sit in a sea of traffic only to arrive at my appointment sweaty and swearing. It was an easy but costly decision: my $6.50 toll quickly turned into a …

2 mins read

Dare to Dream BIG

What do you dream of? Many of us may dream of being thinner, younger or sleeping with George Clooney (hey, we know a girls gotta dream), but these are not the dreams we are referring to. What about the other innocuous, non-eyebrow-raising dreams that may not be tabloid worthy yet make our heart sing, bring a smile to our face and a sparkle to our eyes?

6 mins read

How to Look Good Naked!

I call it my naked weightthose annoying extra pounds that most people cant see, but I know better because I see them when Im naked. They are the 7 pounds that Ive been trying lose my entire adult life. But theyre really attached to me, or my midsection, to be exact.