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How Do Teenagers Build Credit?

Establishing a good credit history early is as important as not creating a bad credit history. Start teaching teens about money, budgeting and the importance of credit at an early age. Give them some freedom with money to teach them about personal responsibility. Be open to discussing your own credit history and mistakes with teens. Continue to set a good example with your own limited credit card use, reliance on debit cards or cash, and maintaining a budget.

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How to Teach Kids About Checking Accounts

Money education is an important and sometimes overlooked lesson that parents forget to share with their kids. It is important for kids to learn how to budget the money they have available to them and how to balance a checkbook. When kids see mom and dad pull out credit or debit cards, they may not realize that there is more to managing money and a checking account than just swiping a card. Any money management lesson also gives you a chance to spend time with your kids, and to gauge their basic math skills.

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Four Money Traps Every Mom Should Know

The last thing I expected as I headed up the freeway from San Diego to Los Angeles was a money trap. Traffic? Yes. Frustration and delays? Naturally. But a money trap? Never. Halfway there I had a choice: jump on a wide-open toll road or sit in a sea of traffic only to arrive at my appointment sweaty and swearing. It was an easy but costly decision: my $6.50 toll quickly turned into a …

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Teens and College Students: Prime Targets for Identity Theft

A recent article warned that young adults aged 18 to 24 are among the last to detect identity theft. Especially at risk are college students, many of whom are away from home for the first time and are now starting to be independent. People in this age group feel entitled to adult treatment but frequently ignore adult responsibilities, such as keeping a close eye on finances.

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How to Plan for Your Best Christmas Holiday Season

Preparing in advance for the holidays may seem silly to some. However, people who are well prepared for the holidays will not have a financial blow when they are trying to purchase Christmas presents, decorations, and food at the last minute. Planning in advance can help avoid the temptation to use credit cards, or take part in a Holiday shopping frenzy. Preparing for Christmas should be done every month of the year. Here are some easy tips that you can use to help you create a fabulous Christmas.