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Helicopter Mom or Hub Director?

One of the hardest parts of parenting is letting go. As a new school year rapidly approaches, I feel the ache and pull in my heart as I slowly (and I do mean at a snails pace), let my children go out into the world.

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Allure’s Beauty Director Dishes her Best Beauty Tricks

Have we got a treat for you, ModernMoms! Amy Kellyer Laird, the Beauty Director of Allure magazine, gave us a few minutes of her busy day to answer a couple questions that are useful to moms everywhere. In addition to giving us some tips for enhancing our natural gorgeousness, the beauty maven mentioned that Olay, Pantene, Secret, and Venus have won more Best of Beauty awards in the past decade than any other brands in their respective categories–wow! I guess she knows what she’s talking about when she recommends this kind of stuff.

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The Breaksfast Club Director John Hughes Died of Heart Attack

John Hughes died of a heart attack on Thursday while taking a morning walk, according to the Associated Press. The director of the iconic 80s films The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was only 59. The last film he directed was Curly Sue in 1991 although he wrote a few films since including Home Alone and Maid in Manhattan. Hughes was married for 39 years, had two sons and four grandchildren.