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No Child Left Alone?

When I was growing up in Washington, DC in the 1970s, I spent most of the hot, humid summers exploring my neighborhood, kicking around my elementary school playground, and walking neighbors dogs at the local park across the street from my house. Except for quick meals, I was rarely home between 9am and full dark. Wherever I happened to spend my days, my mom was not there with me. She had four kids and a …

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Advice for Men in a Divorce

While your wedding day may hold visions of bliss and future happiness, your divorce may leave you wondering why you ever decided to get married. Divorce affects men and women differently, depending on their individual circumstances, economical security, emotional differences and parenting roles. As a man contemplating divorce, you may wonder what to expect and what you can do to minimize the impact of this difficult experience on yourself and your children.

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How Long to Nurse a Child

If you’re breastfeeding, it’s important to know how long to nurse your child so as to get the optimal health benefit for your baby. Most current research on the health benefits of breastfeeding centers on the first six months to a year of life. After this point, the medical data on extended breastfeeding–breastfeeding beyond a year old–tapers off, and the decision to breastfeed becomes a personal one.