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Vaccines, Autism, and the Coronavirus – Part Two

Vaccines, Autism, and the Coronavirus - Part Two My belief is that vaccines (specifically the MMR vaccine) does not cause autism. Take a look at where we are now. What’s happening in the world? A world pandemic because of a coronavirus. The illness caused by this coronavirus is called Covid 19. It is devastating the…

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3 Healthy and Kid-Friendly Dip Recipes

Getting your kids to eat healthy is often a struggle. Lets face it – even the most well-meaning, health-conscious parent caves to the demands of picky toddlers every so often (and sometimes daily). I have a discriminating 4 year-old and a pretty omnivorous, but distracted, 18 month-old and I have found one thing that without fail can bring them to the table and get them to focus on their food – dips. Dipping Philosophy It seems to be a universal truth that kids like to dip their food. Parents can use that to our advantage (ha hah!) in two ways:

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July Astrology Reading

Once we get past the first two days, which are still tangled up in the gridlock of Pluto and Uranus square to the Sun, with teeth bared in some cases, power struggles and other matters like year end fiscal book closings, will be smoothed and organized in a business like way, even if employing a lawyer is what is called for.

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Veggie & Herb SeedBallz

Do you have a green thumb? Spring is a great time to start planting and gardening. Garden Basket’s a new line of gardening products called Veggie & Herb Seedballz is a wonderful way to get that green thumb to work. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener, Seedballz are an amazing addition to any garden.