5 mins read

Helicopter Parents: Avoid Hovering Through Preparation

Helicopter parents are known for hovering over their teens every second of every day. They are overly attentive and fearful for their child’s every problem. This intense involvement with teens, though, can be avoided through just one thing: preparation. Many people become helicopter parents because they do not adequately plan, so they have to lead…

3 mins read

Unexplained Fevers in Children

When your child comes down with a fever, you likely immediately begin looking for a cause. While it is sometimes easy to determine what ailment is leading to your child’s temperature spike, there are instances in which childhood fever goes unexplained for a long period of time. These unexplained fevers can prove stressful to parents eager to help their children overcome their ailments and get back to their old ready-to-play selves.

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Trader Joe’s Recalls Walnuts Due To Salmonella Risk

Just when you thought you were safe from recalls if you aren't eating mac & cheese, our beloved Trader Joe's is issuing a one. Trader Joe's is recalling five types of walnuts after fear of salmonella contamination. Luckily no customers have reported illness but "out of an abundance of caution, all lots of these products…

6 mins read

Parenting in the Age of Online Porn

Flash back to sixth grade. Curious about my body, puberty, and all the rest, I spent hours lying on our living room rug as a 12-year-old, pouring over my parents’ huge Merriam Webster dictionary, looking up anatomically correct, gender specific verbs and nouns. There were even a few illustrations. A remarkably quaint scene today. Recently, while…