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Friday Night Lights

Its the swan song season for NBCs underrated yet poignant series Friday Night Lights, the show about which Im always telling my friends that while its ostensibly focused on high school football, most of its stories are about a heck of a lot more, namely, raising teens.

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40th Birthday Party Activities

Turning 40 is a special milestone that should be celebrated by an all-out birthday bash–unless the birthday guest of honor would rather have a quiet, intimate gathering. Whichever he chooses, make sure the party is fun for everyone by planning some special activities. In most cases, it’s a good idea to forgo the tacky, “over-the-hill” theme. Instead, create a party that truly celebrates the life of the guest of honor in a classy manner.

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Brooke Reports on the Gulf Disaster…

Immediately after I committed to getting involved with Blue Seals, David and I set out for Louisiana. I needed to see with my own eyes what was going on down there so we could figure out a way to contribute. It saddened me to hear some of the Twitter feedback when I tweeted that we were off to explore the Gulf and help with the oil spill. Someone actually wrote that my involvement sounded like a publicity ploy. My first reaction was disappointment at how jaded people are, then I thought: So what! If I can use myself and my celebrity as a publicity ploy to bring attention to a desperate situation, I am totally willing to do just that. So off we went, not knowing what the days ahead would show us.