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Safe Sleeping Medications for Children

For some children, despite their parents’ best efforts, sleep doesn’t come easily. If your child’s attempt to fall into a restful slumber results in a struggle each night, he may suffer from a sleep disorder. While the FDA does not recommend any sleeping medications for children, some doctors opt to use sleep-aid medicine in an “off-label” fashion. When a doctor uses a drug “off-label,” he is using the drug in a way that it wasn’t originally intended. These “off-label” sleep aids likely pose little risk to your child and, with a doctor’s guidance, may prove to be the answer to his struggles.

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Is It Safe To Take Medication While You’re Breastfeeding?

The following is a guest post byJennifer Buchanan, RN Remedies blogger and nurse care manager in the Institute for Maternal-Fetal Health at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.The choice to take medication or not while you are breastfeeding can be a stressful decision for many moms, especially during flu season when there are many flu and cold medications available.The key questions to consider for taking medication during lactation are:1. Do the benefits …

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Trouble Sleeping? You’re Not Alone! Studies Show More Moms Are Turning To Medication

Mothers are rolling around sleepless across America, vexed and worried as they mentally scroll through their massive To-Do lists in the wee hours of the morning, growing still wearier with each passing night of sleep deprivation. A growing number of women are turning to sleeping pills and/or anti-anxiety medication as a solution, reported the New York Times.

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The Truth About Medications for ADHD Children

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is a syndrome characterized by impulsivity, inattentiveness, hyperactivity and distractibility. While many medications, generally stimulants, are in widespread use in treating children with ADHD, they can have serious side effects. Some parents of children with ADHD prefer alternative therapies to prescription drugs, although claims of health benefits are not borne out by compelling research to date.