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How Teen Pregnancy Affects Job Opportunities

Teen pregnancy can result in a young girl’s education being put on hold indefinitely. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, educational levels are related to both earnings and unemployment. Teens who are pregnant may be more worried about how to tell their parents, and what everyone else will think, and not looking at the long-term consequences. They may have to request maternity leave from school, and from a part-time job. Teens who keep their babies and do not find a way to finish their education will not be able to continue onto higher education, which will provide them with more job opportunities, higher salaries and greater job security.

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How Do I Find a Family Doctor?

A family doctor is usually the first professional you consult when you need medical care. Family physicians and general practitioners are skilled at diagnosing a range of illnesses and can treat many of a patient’s medical conditions without the need for a specialist’s help. Your family doctor can be a valuable source of information when you have health-related questions. In fact, “family physicians provide the majority of care to the nation’s rural populations,” says Lori Heim, President of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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Healthy Body Weight for Kids

Kids make up a significant portion of the rising obesity rates in the United States. Being overweight as a kid increases the odds that you’ll be overweight later in life, and that you’ll develop obesity-related medical conditions. As a parent, you may be better off looking at your child’s health and the quality of his diet than the numbers on the scale as you work toward getting him to his healthy weight.