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Different Positions of a Baby in the Womb

Babies toss, turn and tumble in the womb. As they grow, space becomes a premium, and they may move around less often. Most babies finally settle into a head-first position in the last days of pregnancy — the easiest position for the birth process — but some babies don’t get the memo. This can affect the birth process, which is why it’s important to know exactly how the baby is positioned before you go into labor.

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Earth Day Spotlight: Meet Carson With Charity Arrows

You know those amazing stories that instantly touch your heart and bring you joy? This is one of those. Charity Arrows, strives to empower and uplift children and community organizations through sustainable and innovative means. Their organization is dedicated to turning old, unsalvageable, or discarded arrows and repurposing them into meaningful treasures such as pens…

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Harvard and Other Elite Schools End Test Optional Applications: What You Need to Know

In a move that has rekindled discussions about the role of standardized tests in college admissions, Harvard University has recently announced that it will reintroduce SAT and ACT scores as a requirement for its application process. This decision marks a significant shift from the temporary test-optional policies adopted by many institutions during the pandemic. Understandably,…