Earth Day Spotlight: Meet Carson With Charity Arrows
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Earth Day Spotlight: Meet Carson With Charity Arrows

You know those amazing stories that instantly touch your heart and bring you joy? This is one of those. Charity Arrows, strives to empower and uplift children and community organizations through sustainable and innovative means. Their organization is dedicated to turning old, unsalvageable, or discarded arrows and repurposing them into meaningful treasures such as pens that not only reduce waste but also generate funds to provide aid to those in need. These AWESOME teen kids are making a difference one arrow pen at a time!

Founded on the idea of recycling old arrows into unique pens, this non-profit project is run by kids with a big heart for giving back. Members Carson Chan, Megumi Chang, Tripura Reddy, Purvi Reddy, Ella Li, Liam, Bryce, and others come together to make a difference.

By selling these arrow pens, raises funds to create placement boxes filled with essentials for foster kids and women facing challenging times. We thought this was something our Modern Mom community could 100% get behind! Keep scrolling to learn more about who they are, what they do, and one of the awesome teens behind the mission.


Q: What is the Mission Statement for

At Charity Arrows, our mission is to empower and uplift children and community organizations through sustainable and innovative means. Our organization is dedicated towards turning old, unsalvageable arrows and repurposing them into meaningful treasures such as pens that not only reduce waste but also generate funds to provide aid to those in need.

WHY – the sport of archery uses a lot of arrows. A competitive archery could go through two or more dozen arrows per year. These would normally end up in the landfill as trash. We wanted to recycle these damaged arrows and repurpose them into arrow pens. Pens are necessary for all competitive archers to score during local, state, and national tournaments. When recycled pens are sold, this money, net of costs, can be used to buy much needed supples in placement kits for local foster kids.

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Q: What is Charity Arrows:

Our mission is simple: to promote sustainable archery practices by recycling and reusing arrows, and to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need within our community. 

 At Charity Arrows, we aim to show the world not only the beauty of archery but also its potential to bring about positive change. Join us in this inspiring journey as we shoot for a better, more sustainable future, one arrow at a time. Together we can show and share that the sport and amazing Archery community cares.

Q: Who do you support?

Foster kids and women in need at Bithiahs Family Services which operates multiple centers in our community (southern California)

Q: How do you support?

  1. We sell our arrow pens and 100% of net proceeds are then used to buy supplies for foster kids’ placement boxes. This is what goes into the boxes:
  2. As part of outreach we have recently reached out to the mayor of our city to ask that an archery park be built for more families to enjoy the safe and positive sport.
  3. We are planning an archery class and beginners program to introduce other kids to this positive sport. We have arrows which have been donated and plan to put foam tips on them to safely teach other kids how to use a bow and foam arrow. 

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

It all started on a Halloween day, at our beloved archery studio, HSS Sports Academy. As archery athletes, we love the thrill of hitting our targets with precision. On that particular day, however, something fun happened – a friendly balloon shooting competition initiated by one of our coaches.

At the end of this challenge, my coach handed me a unique keepsake – an arrow pen. Little did I know that this seemingly simple gift would ignite a spark of inspiration within me, one that would lead to the creation of Charity Arrows.

The concept was born from a realization: archers, like us, go through numerous arrows in pursuit of our passion. However, even the slightest damage renders these arrows unusable, leading to their disposal as waste. This equals a waste of valuable resources.

​Driven by this insight, I embarked on a journey of research and discovery. What I found was astounding – in 2023, the global market for archery equipment was valued at a staggering $3.7 billion. And the forecast for the future was equally astonishing; experts from IMARC Research Group estimated that it could reach an incredible $5.5 billion by 2032. While this growth is awesome for the sport, it also nudged at a significant environmental concern – the accumulation of discarded arrows.

And so, the idea for Charity Arrows was born. 

We believed that if we could teach fellow archers how to transform these discarded arrows into unique arrow pens, we could achieve several meaningful objectives. 

First and foremost, we would contribute to the reduction of waste within the archery community. But that wasn’t all – by selling these handmade arrow pens, we saw an opportunity to generate funds to support children and families in our local community.

I had a chance to interview Michelle Thompson for, the founder of Bithiah’s Family Services and was inspired by her story and the desire to help foster kids and women in need. 

–Carson Chan


Meet Carson 

Age: 14

Hometown: Orange County, California

Passion: Archery (Recurve)

Carson Chan is a high school freshman known not only for his academic drive and passion in archery but also for his thoughtful contributions to social causes. Since discovering archery over Labor Day weekend in 2022, Carson has risen quickly in the sport under the guidance of coach and mentor Hyang Soon Seo, a legendary Olympic gold medalist. His passion for archery is paralleled by his dedication to academics, where he embraces as an honors student and a Principal’s Honor Roll recipient, demonstrating a strong commitment to growth.

Beyond the archery range and classroom, Carson’s compassion and entrepreneurial spirit led him to found in 2023. This innovative nonprofit project reflects Carson’s creative approach to philanthropy, where he and a group of fellow archery friends repurpose discarded archery target arrows into unique arrow pens. These pens are sold, and 100% of the net proceeds are dedicated to purchasing essential supplies directly benefiting foster children and women in need. This initiative highlights Carson’s ability to leverage his interests to make a tangible difference in the community.

Carson’s interests are evident not just in his philanthropic efforts but also in his role as a guiding figure to his younger brothers and peers. As the Teen Talk Editor for, he carefully edits submissions, manages the editorial calendar, and pens insightful articles that resonate with the Gen Z audience. His summer experience as a writer for the Stanford Daily summer program further honed his skills in journalism and sparked creative writing.

Adept in both English and conversational Chinese, Carson navigates diverse cultural landscapes with empathy. When he is not immersed in his academic, archery, or philanthropic pursuits, Carson enjoys the peace of organic gardening, the creativity of writing, and the joy of spending time with friends and family.

Carson’s archery achievements include notable placements in state, national, and regional competitions, underscoring his dedication and skill in the sport. From his first indoor tournament to clinching top positions at the California State Outdoor Championships, National Archery Scholarship Tour, and beyond, Carson’s journey in archery is a testament to his work ethic, positive determination, and the mentorship of his coach, Hyang Soon Seo. Through and his various endeavors, Carson embodies the spirit of hard work, dedicated to personal excellence and committed to making a difference in the lives of others.



Instagram: @CharityArrows

Idea sparked: 4Q 2023

Team formed: January 2024


Q: How many people are involved currently with CharityArrows? 

  • 5 executive members
  • 4 teammembers + growing

Q: What charity are you supporting? 


WHO – founded by the brothers of Carson (14), Liam (11), Bryce (9). Ages when we started.

Founder & Chief of Operations Strategy, Media, Public Relations Carson Chan 

Head of Business Outreach and Service Megumi Chang 

Head of Community Outreach and Growth  Tripura Reddy 

Head of Commerce and Special Projects – Purvi Reddy

Manufacturing and Board Lead – Ella Li

Education and Advocacy Lead – Liam C

Volunteer Services and Team Spirit – Bryce C


WHAT – recycle damaged arrows, reuse and repurpose into arrow pens, give back to our communities

WHERE – Southern California and beyond

WHEN – founded in 2023

HOW – Monthly group meetings, arrow pen production, marketing brainstorming, brand outreach, charity and nonprofit quarterly contributions

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