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Teaching Children With Behavioral Problems

Kids with behavioral problems can present a challenge for their teachers; however, that challenge exists for each one of these children as well. Children who are not compliant and exhibit behavior problems in the classroom most often are kids looking for help, for answers to their problems or for positive reinforcements about their self worth.

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Kate Moss Pricey Praising Tactics for Lila Graces Artwork

Is there such thing as too much positive reinforcement? Kate Moss reportedly enlisted British company Kinbote’s Bespoke Art Commentary Service, a supplier of personalized art critiques, to give daughter Lila Grace, 5, some props for her artwork. The company charges roughly $260 for a friendly analytic review of children’s masterpieces, according to Los Angeles magazine. Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton, mom to twins Honor and Xavier, 9, has also employed Kinbote’s services.

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10 Ways To Help Your Child Become A Better Writer

If your kids are like mine, they don’t take well to their parents giving them advice on much of anything — academics, athletics, you name it. In many ways, I am thankful for this. My kids are independent and have learned to do their homework on their own.But I had to step in recently to help my middle-schooler with a term paper that needed a lot of help. I started with my red pen …