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What Diet Pills Are as Effective As Prescription Drugs?

Nonprescription diet pill makers have an impressive array of marketing tools at their disposal. Manufacturers behind print ads, Internet websites and infomercials may claim their product is just as effective as a prescription drug for less cost and without the hassle of getting your doctor’s approval. However, diet pills that claim to be just as effective as weight loss drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may not work — and they can also compromise your health.

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List of Fertility Pills Available Without a Prescription

If you are trying to conceive, fertility pills may help. Your doctor may write you a prescription for fertility during your check-up. You might not, however, be able to afford to see a doctor regularly or afford the prescription pills. You might not want the harmful side-effects of strong chemicals that are present in prescription pills. You can always opt for over-the-counter fertility drugs to boost your chances of conceiving. Consult with your physician about over-the-counter fertility pills.

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Why are More Teens Abusing ADHD Drugs?

According to the New York Times, pressure over grades and college admission has escalated to the point that many students are using prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin to help them study. Around 40 students, school officials and parents agreed to be interviewed for an article about the abuse of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medications to help them concentrate and fare better on tests and gain entrance to top colleges.

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Drugs to Boost Female Sex Drive

Men have the option of using prescription drugs to treat erectile dysfunction, making it possible for them to perform in the bedroom. However, drugs to boost female sex drive are so scant as to be nonexistent. According to MayoClinic.com, the reason for this is that a woman’s low libido cannot be cured with a pill. Your desire to have sex depends on many different things, such as your physical and emotional health — and the strength of your relationship with a spouse or partner.