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Should My Child Get the Flu Shot?

Getting any kind of shot, including the flu shot, is not fun for you or for your child. Shots hurt little kids, and it hurts you to see your child crying and in pain. You also might worry about your child getting some sort of reaction, such as getting the flu, after receiving the flu shot. But according to information from the government on the Flu.gov website, a flu shot cannot cause the flu. To ease your worries, learn about flu shots.

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Baby Eye Colors

The eye color with which your baby is born is not necessarily the eye color your baby will have for long. A newborn’s eye color is likely to change. Give it about 6 to 9 months; the eye color should stick by then, in some cases, eye color can take as long as three years to set. Caucasian babies usually have dark gray-blue eyes at birth; African-American, Asian and Hispanic babies usually have dark gray-brown or hazel eyes that continue to darken.

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Signs That Baby Is Cutting Teeth

Some babies teethe, and you’d never know it until you see te evidence of a brand-new tooth poking through. Not all babies — and parents — have it so easy. Many babies experience varying degrees of discomfort when they cut teeth, ddepending on your baby’s tolerance for pain and the density of his gums. Your baby may be fussy and irritable during this time. Be understanding. While you can’t stop the teething process, you can make your baby more comfortable.

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How to Stop Child Bed-Wetting

It’s a frustrating experience for everyone when a child wets the bed, but don’t blame or become angry with your child. He isn’t doing it on purpose. In fact, chances are he inherited this condition from you or from a close relative. Children who wet the bed tend to be deep sleepers who don’t feel their bladders being full, so they don’t get up to urinate, wetting the bed instead. For most kids, bed-wetting stops by itself, but you can take some measures to help.

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Croup in Children

If it’s wintertime and you have a child who is 5 years old or younger who has a barking type of cough, she might have a virus called croup. Children older than 5 years can also get croup, and they can get croup in other seasons besides winter, but it’s most common in young children and during the winter months. Most times, croup is mild enough that you can treat it at home, but recognize the signs of a more serious condition that requires a doctor’s attention.