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Four Ways To Promote A Happier and Healthier Life

What do huge organizations like Google, FedEx, Harvard University and the American Army have in common? They have all acknowledged the benefits of promoting happiness in their institutions and use Positive Psychology (the study of wellbeing) techniques to bring out the best in their communities. Advocates of this relatively new science explain that all of…

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How to Have a Good Divorce

Getting a divorce can cause emotional upheaval and extreme distress. Many women experience feelings of anger, exhaustion, anxiety and depression during and after the divorce process. Like many other experiences in life, you can take certain steps to minimize negative outcomes by approaching your divorce with the most positive attitude you can muster. Although your divorce may cause numerous difficulties and concerns, you can improve upon this life-changing experience and promote a good outcome.

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Painful Intercourse During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many couples express concerns about whether intercourse is safe. According to the March of Dimes, intercourse during pregnancy is completely safe for most women. Unfortunately, the experience for many mothers-to-be is anything but pleasurable. Finding out the causes of painful intercourse during pregnancy can help resolve your discomfort.

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Tough Conversations with Kids: Honesty is Key

This article was written by Kelly McNelis, founder of Women For One Be honest with your children instead of sugar coating or avoiding hard topics Our kids are watching us all the time. If they see us avoiding hard topics, or backing away from the things that make us uncomfortable, we teach them to play it safe…