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Age Defense from Skinn Cosmetics

While it's easy to stretch the truth about our age, unfortunately our skin is always more truthful. Luckily a few products are out there that can help take years off overnight. Introducing Skinn Cosmetics’ Collagenesis Deep Wrinkle Protocol Youth Capsules. These capsules feature an anti-aging peptide inspired by the immortal jellyfish (the only organism known to have an…

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Am I Renewed and Radiant Enough?

Has anyone seen the commercials for Dove ClearTone” deodorant and Tampax Radiant tampons? I caught these commercials on television the other night – I dont know if theyve been around awhile or if its just the first time Im seeing them, but the message I got from these two ads was a) my armpits need renewing and b) my tampon is not radiant enough. And isnt that just the way with advertising? To trick us into thinking that what were using isnt good enough/radiant enough/renewing enough and that next new thing will make our lives so much better!