4 mins read

Finding Art That Defines You

This week I’ve decided to put the glue gun aside, and tell you all about a wonderful art buying experience I recently had. Yes, I am a devout crafter, but my first love lies in the arts. Being classically trained in fine art, I find myself living a balance between strokes of oil paints and papers full of glitter. Opp

8 mins read

The Forgoing Facebook Experiment

Confession: I have 738 Facebook friends. In reality, I would only actually call up a handful of them to go to lunch with or to talk to while I’m making a long drive. I only talk to a couple dozen of them in person on a regular basis. And I sure as heck do not care that that one girl I met in college who friend requested me 5 minutes after we introduced ourselves is “going to work…then having a grilled chicken salad for lunch YUM! xoxo”. Maybe this seems rude, but I don’t expect them to care about what I’m doing every second of the day either!

2 mins read

Wedding Day Makeup Styles

Each bride-to-be has a style of her own from the theme she chooses for her wedding, right down to the makeup style she selects for her wedding day. Hire a professional makeup artist to create a look that fits your personality and the theme of your wedding. Schedule a pre-wedding appointment with your makeup artist to try different looks. Take photographs of celebrity-inspired looks or examples from bridal magazines to give the artist an idea of what you like.