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Brown Spotting While Pregnant

Any spotting or bleeding during pregnancy can be scary, but in many cases it does not signify a serious problem. This is especially true if the spotting is brown in color and if it occurs during the first trimester. In fact, spotting is relatively common during the first trimester, according to PregnancyToday. It is, however, important to contact your doctor whenever you have an onset of any kind of spotting during your pregnancy.

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5 Best Labor Day Recipes

Having a Labor Day BBQ? Treat your family, friends, and neighbors to classic and simple menu items with a twist. Below is a perfect blend of special dishes – from main attraction to dessert – that will have your loved ones licking their forks clean and begging for second helpings! However-You-Want-It BBQ Burgers Grilled burgers are a surefire hit for kids and adults. But how can you keep your burgers from fading into the background of all the other BBQs going on this season? Allow the guests to personalize them!

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Cures for Eyelash Loss

Sparse eyelashes may be a cosmetic problem you can change with a little help from your doctor. Eyelash hypotrichosis, the term used to describe inadequate or not enough eyelashes, can be treated with a topical medication approved by the FDA. However, this medication, bimatoprost, can cause odd and even permanent side effects.

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Constant Fever in Children

Constant fever in children is frightening for both the child and her parents. In most cases, a fever signifies an underlying, temporary infection caused by a virus or bacteria. Once the infection clears up, the fever disappears. In a few rare cases, a fever will return again and again, with no apparent cause. This is called “chronic” or “periodic” fever syndrome. Such fevers are also called “fevers of undetermined origin,” or FUO for short.