2 mins read

Pain Relievers for Children

While no parent likes to see their child suffer through pain, you do have to exercise caution when giving pain relievers to children, as these medicines can have a much larger impact on their petite bodies than they do on adult medicine takers. To select the right pain reliever for your child, consider the specifics of his pain as well as his age, ensuring that you choose just the right remedy for him.

6 mins read

How Can We Keep Kids From Cheating in School?

For older generations, studying involved a trip to the library and poring over several tomes of information. Now, thanks to the Internet, students have quick research tools like Google and Wikipedia. That should mean that there is less work for them to do in order to find the information they need. If that’s the case, shouldnt studying be a simpler task for this generation? Shouldn’t kids be less likely to cheat in order to get ahead? Unfortunately, not so much.