Pain Relievers for Children
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Pain Relievers for Children

While no parent likes to see their child suffer through pain, you do have to exercise caution when giving pain relievers for children, as these medicines can have a much more significant impact on their petite bodies than they do on adult medicine takers. To select the proper pain reliever for your child, consider the specifics of his pain as well as his age, ensuring that you choose just the right remedy for him.

Pain Relievers for Children


Acetaminophen is a favorite pain reliever for children due to its relatively mild nature and effectiveness. As Pharmacy Times reports, parents should check with their pediatrician before administering acetaminophen to any child under 2. This drug both assuages pain and has fever-reducing abilities, making it a great go-to option for relieving the discomfort associated with mild sickness. To determine the proper dosage for their children, parents should consult an acetaminophen dosing chart and calculate the correct quantity using their child’s weight. Tables of this type often come on child-strength acetaminophen packages.


Ibuprofen is a pain reliever that is commonly used in both child and adult patients. This pill, like acetaminophen, can cut through pain but is not as effective in tackling fever. This pill does trump acetaminophen, however, when it comes to reducing inflammation, reports MSNBC, making this pill a popular choice for trauma-related pains. Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital seconds these sentiments, stating that this pain reliever is often the one to which doctors turn when treating children with broken bones. As with all medications, checking with your child’s doctor before administering is wise. Parents should also pay close attention to dosage to ensure they don’t accidentally overdose their in-pain kids.


Codeine is a popular pain reliever choice for children whose pain is too strong to be treated with a standard, over-the-counter pain reliever. This pain reliever is available by prescription only and is often combined with other medicines, such as acetaminophen. As Cincinnati Children’s Hospital reports, this medicine is not only an effective pain reliever; it has also been found to have cough-relieving benefits, making it a wise choice for tiny cold and flu sufferers.

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