Questions About Teen Pregnancy
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Questions About Teen Pregnancy

A teen pregnancy is a scary proposition, both for the teen mother and for her parents, who often find their hopes of their teen’s success rapidly vanishing. If a teen in your life is about to prematurely enter the world of motherhood, consider some of the facts about teen pregnancy.

What If There’s No Proper Pre-Natal Care?

Teens face many of the same risks as older mothers. Because they are not fully developed physically however, they are an elevated risk for complications, reports KidsHealth. To reduce the risk of potential harm to themselves or their fetus, they should get proper medical attention throughout their pregnancies. If they don’t, they could experience high blood pressure, labor and delivery complications, low birth-weight or even fetal death.

What Classes Can Pregnant Teens Take?

By educating themselves both on the pregnancy and birth process as well as on baby care, a pregnant teen can learn to be a mom. KidsHealth recommends that teen moms take classes in childbirth, feeding and diapering, child safety and general baby care during their pregnancies. By doing so, these pregnant teens can be prepared to face the challenges of parenthood. Teen moms should speak to their OBGYNs about classes available in their area, as these doctors can often make referrals.

How Many Teens Opt for Abortion?

The majority of teens elect to follow through with their pregnancy, but some do opt instead for abortion. As the California Rural Indian Health Board reports, 30 percent of all teen pregnancies end in elective abortion.

What Percentage of Teen Parents are Unmarried at Baby’s Birth?

The vast majority of teen parents are unmarried at the time of conception. While some elect to get married upon becoming pregnant, most don’t. As the California Rural Indian Health Board, 79 percent of all teen moms are unmarried at the time they give birth.

How Do Teen Pregnancy Rates in America Compare to Other Countries?

As the Population Resource Center reports, teen rates in the United States are high when compared to other developed nations. The rates of teen birth in the United States are eight times as high as in the Netherlands and twice the rate of Canada.

How Likely is a Teen Couple to Become Pregnant?

Teen couples that engage in unprotected sex with regularity are highly likely to become pregnant, reports the California Rural Indian Health Board. This source states that a couple that engages in unprotected sex regularly has an 85 percent chance of becoming pregnant within a year.

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