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Autism and the Police

Autism and The Police Please note: In this blog post, I want to discuss the interaction between an individual with autism and the police. I am aware of the treatment of black people by the police. I believe in awareness and education. With that in mind, I am in favor of some kind of restructure/retraining/education/defunding…

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Autism and Flight Changes

My son used to have issues with unexpected changes. The unexpected would sometimes led to meltdowns. He just couldn't wrap his head around sudden change. Now that my child is a teenager, he has improved in that area. However, there was a time when an unexpected change would throw him. What happened? My son and…

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How to Spend Less on Holiday Gifts!

Buying holiday gifts doesn’t have to wipe you out, mentally or financially. The best advice we can offer you for spending less and easing the stress of buying holiday gifts this year is to GET ORGANIZED. Here are some tips to getting your holiday gift lists organized so you can not only keep your sanity at the end of the day, but some pocket cash, too!