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Pediatric Strokes: Lucas’ Story

Most people don’t consider that kids have strokes. Although it’s relatively rare, a small percentage of children suffer strokesevery year. The causes can vary but most are related to birth defects, infections, trauma or blood disorders like sickle cell disease. Here is one mom’s story: “On January 22, 201, our lives were turned upside down. Early that day our son Lucas said to my husband Lee that he felt dizzy. Not really thinking much about it my husband told him to go lay down and try to take a nap.

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List of Toxic Ingredients Found in Skin Care

Despite the fact they are meant to moisturize, protect and maintain your skin, skin-care products occasionally contain ingredients that can have harmful and toxic effects on your body over time. If you are concerned about toxic ingredients in skin care, always scan the list of ingredients before purchasing a product. You can try switching to natural or organic products, but keep in mind that some natural skin-care products also have potentially toxic ingredients.