8 mins read

Ovarian Aging and Infertility

The decrease in female fecundity beginning after the age of 30 and exaggerated after 40 is a well documented finding. This age-related decline in fertility is the result of several factors that contribute to overall reproductive failure. Women over 35 require a longer period to achieve conception than younger women, and a higher percentage of older women will never achieve pregnancy. In addition, the rate of early pregnancy wastage increases substantially during the 30s, and is over 50% after age 40.

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Leaving a Marriage

Leaving a marriage is a huge step and means admitting to yourself that the relationship just isn’t going to work. For many people, just the idea of leaving can be daunting, let alone the mechanics of it. Before you leave your marriage, it’s important to make sure you’ve evaluated the situation to be certain it’s what you need to do, come up with an exit plan and have some idea how you will break the news.