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Disney Recalls Children’s Watches

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, of Lake Buena Vista, Fla. is recalling about 1,200 children’s light up watches. Watch battery current interacting with nickel in the watchs stainless steel back can cause skin irritation and/or burning sensations to children who are allergic to nickel. The firm has received six reports of children receiving skin irritation or burning sensations while wearing the watch.

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How to Memorize Times Tables

Memorizing doesn’t come easy to everybody. For some people, faces and names don’t seem to stick in their minds. For others, numbers just don’t seem to stick. Here are some tips and tricks for memorizing times tables. Make your numbers come alive! This is a memory trick which can be used in your everyday life…

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2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up. Maybe it’s the one day a year you really feel appreciated. Maybe it’s the one day a year you indulge and buy yourself something special. Or, maybe you’re ready to print out a list or two and hide it in your partner’s work bag! Gifts are nice, of course, but…