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Birthday Party Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys

Plan a special party for your sons 13th birthday to emphasize the new stage of life hes entering–becoming a teenager. Include some of his favorite childhood delights, as long as they wont embarrass him, and add a new grown-up twist. Give your son and his friends a little more freedom and privacy than what you might have done for past birthday parties, if possible.

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Autism and the Sudden Loss of a Teacher

My son's 7th grade Computer Applications teacher died suddenly last weekend. What happened? The students and parents were informed that the teacher died of a sudden heart attack. It was a typical day on the Friday in question. My son had this teacher for fourth period, as per usual. The school broke for lunch after…

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Sexism, New York Times Style

Each ambitious woman discovers her own ugly truth: along the path to success, youve gotta watch out for the false doors, the smoke and mirrors, the landmines disguised as bouquets of roses. Expect them when you least expect them. Sheryl Sandburgs famous Lean In philosophy didnt quite capture this part. Yes, lean in. Work hard. Work smart. But recognize that workplaces, especially the most powerful, highly compensated, male-dominated echelons of politics, journalism …