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Honor Mom on Sunday… and on Mother’s Monday Get Her What She Really Needs: Childcare and Workplace Improvements

The Inaugural Mother’s Monday officially kicks off May 11! Celebrated on the day after the traditional Mother’s Day, Mother’s Monday looks to redefine the relationship between motherhood and work. One of the major storylines emerging from the global pandemic is just how significant the impact has been on women, especially working moms. The group behind…

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The Shocking Girls’ Guide to Workplace Success

From the moment baby boomers joined the workforce, women made it their mission to create a fair playing field for everyone. But after decades of feminists plowing down the boys’ club, today’s women enter a totally different kind of workplace and need totally different advice for succeeding. What should the new rules be? This list is long, but here are five points to get the conversation going:

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Facts About Pregnancy in the Workplace

Pregnancy is an exciting time of change for a woman but for those in the workplace it can create added stress. The rights of pregnant women are protected by law but the politics of the workplace can help determine when a woman tells her boss she is expecting and how she takes time off for doctor’s appointments.